Progress as a tradition

Construction is constantly evolving in line with the spirit of the times and technological progress. At JUNG, we see it as our responsibility not only to follow this development, but also to positively shape it. For three generations, the family-run company has lived by its motto “Progress as a tradition”. Both aspects, the preservation of traditions and values as well as investment in research and sustainable technologies, are deeply rooted in the company's DNA. With its commitment to production in Germany, JUNG is opting for sustainable development and manufacturing processes. Precision craftsmanship and high design quality ensure that its products are robust, since a long product life is important to us. The entire life cycle of architecture and the building products used for it is becoming more and more apparent to users and influences our manufacturing as much as our products. 

JUNG’s goal – in keeping with the company tradition – is to use advanced technologies in a meaningful and supportive way, while never losing sight of the context. Shaping architecture together as a symbiosis of design and technique, aesthetics and efficiency, tradition and progress. To achieve this goal, JUNG is in constant dialogue with architects, interior designers and specialist planners, regionally and worldwide. JUNG is interested in what drives the sector, so that visions become ideas, and ideas become reliable product solutions. 

The company’s engagement in the conference “Constructive Disobedience – Konstruktiver Ungehorsam” is in line with this aim – with an open view on architectural ideas, a portion of curiosity about the constructive experiments, and interdisciplinary exchange between the professions, in order to meet our claim of taking responsibility for the environment and for building culture.


Production © JUNG


Production © JUNG


Photo: Philip Kottlorz Fotografie for
The Baukunst Dynamites


Photo: Henrik Schipper / AMUNT Architekten